Coaching Services

As your coach I’ll listen to YOU and based on what I hear I’ll ask you powerful questions to:

  • Create awareness
  • Gain clarity
  • Add focus
  • Build momentum
  • Empower YOU to create significant positive change in YOUR life.

As YOUR coach I am YOUR success partner. During our coaching sessions we discover

  • WHO you are and WHO you want to become
  • HOW you are going to get there

The benefits of the coaching process are:

  • You will create a better work/life balance
  • You will reduce YOUR energy drains
  • You will have a higher level of motivation
  • You will create stronger sense of self and self esteem
  • You will be accountable for action items set during coaching sessions
  • You will create strategies for achieving successes based on who you are

Coaching is a powerful process, and every client gets out of the process what they put in. Results vary depending on the client and their commitment to forward movement.

How individual coaching works

We meet three times a month together in a safe and confidential environment. During this time we:

  • Celebrate your wins
  • Explore what is working for you and what is not working for you
  • Focus on you and what you need in order to move forward
  • This time is all about YOU

To ensure that your coaching experience is successful, I provide coaching using various options so you can choose the one that would be best for YOU - Telephone or In-Person.

Individual monthly session options:

  • 3-30 minute sessions
  • 3-45 minute sessions
  • 3-60 minute sessions
  • E-mail between sessions
  • Coaching Courses – See Upcoming Courses

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